Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chris Brown in the Studio with Ariana Grande

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande tease fans with a picture from their upcoming collaboration.
Earlier this month the unlikely pop pair hinted that they had recorded a duet together.
Chris Brown and Ariana Grande have teased their upcoming duet with a snap of them rehearsing in a dance studio together.
Rihanna's bad boy ex wrote alongside the intimate black and white shot: "Coming soon!"
The squeaky-clean Nickelodeon actress and singer is rocking a black leotard and ballet pumps, while controversial crooner Chris is dressed in jeans and a trilby, his upper body tattoos on full display.
Last week the unlikely pop pair posted a series of tweets hinting that they had recorded a duet together.
Chris, 24, tweeted: "I dug a single seed into the ground, I hope it grows.
"In a year or two if you're around, you'll see a rose," the Sam & Cat star responded
Jacked from The Mirror


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

This bitch has 0 talent, why is it Disney insist on all these lil Disney bots being "pop stars" this bitch has the most annoying voice next to Fran Dresher, my kids were watching that sam and cat fuckery and I happed to be walking by and was like wtf is that when I heard her voice, I wanted to take a bat and smash the tv, thankfully my kids stopped watching that shit, her voice is some shit that would make terrorist cower!! Chis needs not to take this charity case on, I hate to see really talented entertainers paired with no talent hacks, is this part of the pack to try and put these no talent hacks on. this bitch Cannot sing!!!! enough with these wack ass calabo!!!!

Anonymous said...

so we not trying with photoshop anymore, huh?

Anonymous said...

Really? "Rihanna's bad boy ex"?


Anonymous said...

Ariana handlers and parents are up to no good

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