Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres Busted Using Her iPhone at the Oscars

Ellen Degeneres took the selfie seen round the world with Oscar sponsor Samsung's Galaxy, but back stage Ellen reverted to her trusty iPhone. Oops!

Oscar's host Ellen DeGeneres failed to keep up appearances for sponsor's Samsung during Sunday night's ceremony when she kept posting pictures to Twitter backstage from her own iPhone.
Shooting what seemed like a carefully coordinated social-media and advertising blitz in the foot, DeGeneres snapped the now-famous A-list selfie and several other pictures with her Galaxy Note 3 live on air, but when she was off camera, she reverted to her trusty Apple smartphone.
Having spent upwards of $25 million over the past five years of Oscar ceremonies at $1.8 million for 30-seconds of advertising space, Samsung would have been dismayed to see their chief rival gatecrashing what should have been a promotional coup for the South Korean firm.
Indeed, while the selfie featuring Kevin Spacey, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence taken on her Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone was an undoubted success, the gloss was rubbed off when DeGeneres posted photos online from her iPhone, such as one selfie with actor Channing Tatum.
The two-time host was rumbled because the source of the photograph as posted to Twitter can not be seen on their own page, but this information is visible by using a third-party app such as TweetDeck.
And in at at least two pictures posted to Twitter by DeGeneres, the source was revealed to be her iPhone.
To make matters worse for Samsung, the South Korean firm was also ABC's 'The Oscars Backstage' sponsor, which called for a series of 10 promoted tweets of celebrity selfies to be posted online during the ceremony.
However, while Samsung have not responded publicly yet to the mild embarrassment of DeGeneres' mix-and-matching of smartphones, they still have the huge publicity that the A-list selfie generated as it was re-tweeted almost 3 million times and crashed Twitter.
'Samsung's unique product placement, woven into the moment, front and center, without seeming ham-handed, generated the type of positive buzz that is rarely seen and is actually hard to buy," said Ammiel Kamon, EVP of products and marketing for Kontera, a prominent social media data tracker.
'Kudos to Ellen for pulling it off,' said Kamon to USA Today.
Ellen isn't the first celebrity to have her choice of smartphone questioned. Singer Alicia Keys was called out for tweets sent via iPhone after she had been named Global Creative Director for smartphone maker BlackBerry.
But she blamed the incident of hackers.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

No surprise there celebs only take money to advertise products they either don't believe in or personally use themselves, it was rumored MJ preferred coke to pepsi and in fact would have coke in his pepsi can , besides I would never buy anything advertised by a celeb, those greedy fuckers are all frauds, if I see regular folks doing advertisement I'm more apt to try the product instead of a known celebrity *shrugs* anyhoo the selfies are cute.

Anonymous said...

lol she took shit . how can you claim a pic if you didnt have the camera in your hands and didnt take the pic?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of this damn picture!!! You would think they parted the red sea with it. It was nice when it happened, now it's over damn! It's been on yahoo front page since the Oscars and retweeted a gazillion times. Let it go! Gots to be something else for the world to talk about. geez!

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