Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fashion Designer L'Wren Scott Commits Suicide

Mick Jagger's girlfriend, fashion designer L'Wren Scott, found dead inside her Manhattan apartment.
Fashion designer and model L'Wren Scott was found hanged to death in her Manhattan apartment Monday, police said.
Scott, 49, was found hanging from a scarf tied to a doorknob when her assistant found her around 10am ET. There is no suspicion of foul play, though the New York medical examiner has not yet released a report.
Scott's eponymous, high-end clothing line, L'Wren, is a favorite of Hollywood celebs like Oprah Winfrey and Nicole Kidman and her designs have been worn by Michelle Obama. Scott had reportedly been tipped to design Angelina Jolie's wedding dress.
Scott had been dating Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger for 12 years. Jagger is currently on tour in Australia.
A spokesperson for Jagger said that the musician is "completely shocked and devastated by the news," and a rep for Scott's company added:
"We confirm the tragic death of L'Wren Scott. At this devastating time for Ms. Scott's family and friends, we request that their privacy be respected. There will be no further public statement for the time-being."
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Anonymous said...

supposedly, she was 5 million(!) in debt. never woulda known from looking at the outside. goes to show how you can't always believe what you see posted on instagram and twitter and what's printed in the press about celebs "fabulous" lifestyles and whatnot. they could owe everybody and his mother-in-law and be over their heads in debt.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

That's a shame, she was a beautiful, talented and elegant women. its sad when people feel their is no hope and take their lives, I hope her spirit finds peace.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

She was with Mick Jagger for over 10 years and he's worth $300 million. He could've given her the $5 mil out of his small change purse. Hard to believe he wouldn't help her, if she was in debt. Much More to this story, cos it don't add up. She's 6' 3 and hung herself on a door knob with a scarf. People are saying it was really autoerotic asphyxiation, like David Carradine and they're covering it up. They often use scarves in this act. If this is true, very sad that suicide is a much more acceptable excuse than the truth.

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