Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Upset After Younger Model Steals Her Part

Lindsay Lohan throws a hissyfit on the premier episode of her new reality show on OWN after arriving to a photo shoot and realizing she is not the lead model.

Troubled Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan threw a hissyfit after discovering a young and sexy model had been picked to star in a promotional film for a lingerie brand - and NOT her.
The flame-haired star, 27, agreed to make a cameo in a short film to promote a lingerie range called Miss Filthy when she was just 34 days out of rehab.
However, on her new documentary series for Oprah Winfrey's OWN network, which debuted last night, the emotional actress was seen dissolving into tears following a row with producer Jeremy Frommer - and accusing him of lying to her about the nature of the shoot.
But today, Mr Frommer tells Mail Online he believes Lindsay was upset after discovering he had hired stunning model Casie Chegwidden, 21, to star in the promotional film Miss Filthy Gorgeous instead of her.
He reveals that FAR from being upset, Lindsay had happily spent the day before the OWN scenes were shot filming with him at 1 Oak - the Manhattan hotspot he part owns - and knew exactly what the shoot entailed, adding: 'I was surprised and confused by Lindsay's over-the-top reaction.'
Jacked from The Daily Mail

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