Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Robin Thicke Bans Females From His Birthday Bash

Robin Thicke is doing the most to win back estranged wife Paula Patton banning women entirely from his 37th birthday bash.
There are a few times in a person’s life when it makes sense to have a sex-segregated birthday party. One is when you’re turning 7 and the theme is princesses. Another other is when you’re turning 37, you and your wife have separated following reports of your philandering, and you’re staging a very public win-her-back campaign. According to People, “no girls were allowed" in Robin Thicke’s booth at his club birthday party in Los Angeles Monday night. Thicke reportedly arrived with Leonardo DiCaprio, who, on the basis of his rumored meeting with Harry Styles, might be an emerging celebrity mentor in masculine discretion. (What Taylor Swift is to young female celebrities.) Or Thicke and DiCaprio might be old friends from the Growing Pains days. 
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WTF??!!!!!! said...

All this shit is an act! Tired of hm and his druggie wife. The media has him distraught and Paula happy as a clam with the new status quo. It's all a charade.

Anonymous said...

Uigh!!! Robin is planning a sausage fest of a par-tay???

#NotAGoodLook #EvenIfYouAreACheater

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