Saturday, March 22, 2014

Miley Cyrus Spits on Her Fans

Miley Cyrus spits into the crowd on the Bangerz Tour and they loved it.
Miley Cyrus, who’s already put a fan’s thong in her mouth, simulated oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator, and touched herself on stage during her BANGERZ tour, is now spitting on fans.
You read that correctly.
During a recent concert in Milwaukee, the singer chugged water from a plastic bottle, and then proceeded to spray the audience.

Jacked from Gossip Cop  


WTF??!!!!!! said...

She's so fucking vulgar and doesn't her ass have herpes, like the rest of these hollyweird people? And these dumbasses are bathing in her spit.The Hollywood Herpes Tree is real interesting and I'm sure it's branches reach far and wide. Sometimes I think that's their mark and those that sell their soul have to get it. That's why they indulge in open marriage and many are promiscuous like Rihanna. They don't worry about it, b/c they're already infected. jmo

Anonymous said...

^^^you may be on to something. I was watching something on YouTube last night that said the reason why all of the male singers have tattoos is because it is a mark that says to those in the know that they participated in the rituals-which involves men raping other men.

Miley has indeed sold her soul and is a part of the corruption. And by looking at her, it's taking a toll.

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