Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rolling Stone Band Mates Called L'Wren Scott Their Yoko Ono

Insiders claim members of The Rolling Stones referred to Mick Jagger's longtime girlfriend L'Wren Scott as their Yoko Ono and prevented her from tagging along on their current world tour.
Mick Jagger left his longtime lover L’Wren Scott at home for the Rolling Stones’ world tour — because his bandmates felt she was their “Yoko Ono,” The Post has learned.
“The rest of the band didn’t like L’Wren because she was so controlling,” a source said Wednesday of the fashion designer who hanged herself Monday in her luxurious Manhattan condo.
“When they saw her, they said, ‘Here comes Yoko.’”
Ono, the widow of murdered Beatle John Lennon, has been widely blamed by fans for breaking up the legendary British band in 1969.
Scott’s suicide prompted the Stones to postpone a string of nearly sold-out shows amid concerns about the devastaitng impact on Jagger, 70.
Scott, 49 — a model-turned-fashion designer whose company was deep in debt and reportedly about to fold — “had offered to design all the costumes for the Stones tour, but the rest of the band refused to wear her designs and she ended up just designing Mick’s outfits,” the source said.
“It must have been a huge blow for her to be told Mick didn’t want her with him on this tour, she had toured with him for ten years,” the source added.
The Stones kicked off their “14 on Fire” tour on Feb. 21 in Abu Dhabi, then performed in Tokyo, Macau, Shanghai and Singapore before heading to Australia for a planned show Wednesday.
That concert and six others in Australia and New Zealand were shelved in the wake of Scott’s death, with a report saying that Jagger hasn’t been able to sleep and that his bandmates are worried about his health.
“He’s not really well. He’s not really here. It was such a shock,” Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts told the Daily Mail.
Sources have told The Post that Jagger recently dumped Scott, whom he began dating in 2001.
His rep has insisted that they were “absolutely” still a couple when she died. The rep also called allegations bandmates thought of Scott as their “Yoko” “ridiculous.”
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Damn they throwing all types shade on this chick, unlike Yono no talent ass, this woman was actually a good designer and probably was living way beyond her means. some folks are very fragile emotionally and spiritually, it would suck if she took her life over that crusty ass manwhore Mick, personally suicide is a personal choice and no one is to blame for another taking their life. Mick might have been a dick as a boyfriend and her wasting 12 of her life on his trifling ass, was solely on her as was her taking her life. its sad but it happens.

Anonymous said...

Mick has sympathy for the devil. Anybody who deals with him knows what the consequences are. Just ask David Bowie

Anonymous said...

Blood sacricifice so Mick's thousand year old ass can continue on sex, drugs and rock n rollin' along with his geriatric bandmates!

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