Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birdman Gives Justin Bieber a New Bugatti

Cash Money Records CEO Brian 'Birdman' Williams gifts recording artist Justin Bieber with a $2 million Bugatti.
Justin Bieber has a sweet new ride thanks to his buddy Birdman.
On Monday, the pop star posted a picture of a new car and the message, “Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti #generosity” (see below).
Birdman, the hip-hop mogul who also goes by the name Uncle Stunna, is himself the owner of a roughly $2 million Bugatti — and apparently thought The Biebs needed one, too.
Given Bieber’s fondness for high-priced wheels, we’re sure he appreciated the gesture.
Jacked from Gossip Cop


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Birdman's "generosity" came at a price--i.e. Justin getting smashed by him and everyone else in Birdman's crew! Plus, that car is probably leased, and will be taken back as soon as Birdman finds new young bussy to plow.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it did too and would be surprised if it didn't

JJSantoro said...

This white dude isn't even under his label. Guess Justin spend many hours on his back taking it all in.

Anonymous said...

@8:39 Agreed!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know Justins eyes were as wide as an own while his booty was smashed to smithereens by a lil birdy

Anonymous said...

Yep, everyone is right, now Birdieman gets to brag about how he got that famous young white boys ass - Hell Birdieman is probably shocked himself afterall he has color issues - Birdieman probably been wanting Bieber for a long time and he finally fulfilled his fantasy. Horrible!!

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