Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Demi Lovato Responds to Nude Leak

Demi Lovato hits back at the perpetrators behind her nude picture leak.
Demi Lovato has taken to Twitter as alleged nude photos of her recently made their way online.
On Saturday, pics that seemed to show the 21-year-old singer topless and lying in bed with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama leaked on the internet. And the same day, Lovato tweeted a cryptic message in Spanish.
"Soy fuerte. Soy luchadora. Asi que no me subestimen," the former X Factor judge wrote on Saturday with a photo of herself striking a fierce glance. Translated to English, the message means, "I am strong. I'm a fighter. Don't underestimate me."
Two days before that, Lovato shared another tweet that slammed false tabloid reports. "Can't stand it when people are misunderstood cause of made up bs on sites that BLATANTLY LIE with NO truth 4 the sake of website hits. Smh," Lovato wrote.
While Lovato doesn't specifically mention the alleged nude photo leak, she doesn't seem to be letting any of the drama get to her.
As for the supposed bedroom pics, one alleges to show Lovato posing topless and another nude while her head is out of frame; other photos purport to show her biting the lip of Valderrama while the lovebirds lie in bed.
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Anonymous said...

Bitch leaked her own photos for publicity. Apparently, no one was talking or thinking about her, so she leaked the pics in order to have an excuse to talk about the incident and thus, draw attention to herself. It's the same as back in the day when celebs would have their people purposely feed stories to the supermarket tabloids because it gave the celebs free publicity, and an excuse to promote their upcoming projects while "denying the rumors".

Anonymous said...

Should've kept your damn clothes on idiot! And everyone knows you leaked the photos yourself and still no one is interested in you.

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