Friday, April 11, 2014

Church Founded by Kris Jenner Cost $1k a Month to Join

You must commit $1000 per month to join the church founded by Kris Jenner or 10 percent of your income.
Membership at the Kardashian Family Church Costs As Much As a Country Club
Kim Kardashian recently announced that she gives 10 percent of her income to charity. Turns out that charity is a church her mother founded in 2009 and whose flock is tended to by a man named Brad Johnson, who was most recently employed by Starbucks. 
The Guardian reports that Johnson left his old parish and swore off the ministry in the wake of an adultery scandal, until Kris talked him into launching the California Community Church. 
Johnson married Khlo√© and Lamar Odom, and I can't decide if that makes him more or less likely to officiate at the Kimye wedding. 
It costs $1,000 a month to join the church, or 10 percent of your income.
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Anonymous said...

And you probably have to also fuck whichever congregation members Kris sets you up with, and whatever fee she charges them, she gets at least 25% of the cut.

Anonymous said...

We are truly in the end of days if there are people actually attending a church founded by this no moral having money hungry pimp who sell her kids out for a quick dollar. Sad that there are idiots willing to throw their hard earn money at this evil whore family!

WTF??!!!!!! said...

this woman is into the black arts. truly sad they let anybody start a church. the world is on a highway to hell with gasoline draws on. they want us all to accept what's bad as good and target youngons, so they can grow up thinking twisted shit is normal & ok.

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again. Kris is a Coven Master witch and her daughters are witches too. The son realizes that it was Kris who slowly killed his father and is eating his stress.

Anonymous said...

^^^^i agree w/last 2 comments!

Anonymous said...

She's not much different than these pimps in the pullpit y'all give 10% to.

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