Monday, April 14, 2014

Dean McDermott Admits Cheating on Tori Spelling

In a preview from their new reality show "True Tori" Dean McDermott admits cheating on his wife Tori Spelling.
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage issue is brought up in a sneak peek for Lifetime's new docuseries. In the clip for "True Tori", the Canadian-American actor admits to cheating on his wife.
"That's my worst nightmare, I cheated on my wife," he says during what seems to be a counseling session as the pair work on repairing their marriage. "I was out of control," he admits. "Sex was an escape, just like drugs and alcohol."
Meanwhile, Spelling who sits next to him emotionally says, "I'm really mad." She breaks into tears as saying, "I could never give him enough sex. He's never going to be happy with just me." McDermott tries to console her, asking, "You don't think you deserve me?"
According to the synopsis, "True Tori" will present an intimate, raw, emotional and completely real story of Spelling for the first time as it should be told by her. Since viewers will be seeing events almost immediately after they occur, nobody knows how the drama will unfold-not Tori, not Dean-and only time will tell if Tori and Dean's marriage survives.
The new TV show is set to premiere Tuesday, April 22 at 10 P.M. on Lifetime. The six-episode series will be filmed as it airs.

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Anonymous said...

She should not sell tickets to the showing of her pain and possible demise of her marriage.

She is addicted to being on screen. While she is working on her marriage, I hope she discovers what is causing her to want to live her life in front of the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Donna was my favorite on 90210. Now she looks scary. Stay away from plastic surgery!!

Anonymous said...

@9:23, she has to go back to television, she is BROKE. TV is all that she knows, so it makes since to do what you know. Her husabnd is a dirt bag for cheating and making her go thru this on national tv. It's easy to judge from the outside.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...they were both married when they had an affair with eachother.

Amount of sympathy = ZERO, NIL, NADDA

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Why this ugly horse faced heiffa insist on living life on camera is beyond me, you mean to tell me she's surprised by what happened? who the fuck is going to be watching this foolery is this bitch for real? GTFOH these two tired ass muthafukkas!!! her fucking face looks like Edward Sissorhand did her plastic surgery, no amount of liquor and morphine can have any man waking up to that shit, and not feeling the need to off himself, I wonder if when the babies caught site of her standing by the crib, did they piss on themselves in fear smh

Anonymous said...

@ 12:18
that's crap
she can shop her ass off....she can be a stylist, a buyer for a store, or a frecking cow girl!!
but to say tv is "all she knows" is bull
it's all she wants!

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