Monday, April 7, 2014

Justin Bieber Ripped For Bad Behavior at Walmart

Justin Bieber ripped by former neighbor over bad behavior in his home-town Walmart.
JUSTIN Bieber has been labelled a “little prick” and a “disappointment” by an irate father who says he spotted the singer behaving appallingly in a Canadian store this week.
Mike Malcho, who claims to have known Bieber since he was “knee high to a grasshopper”, posted a rant on his Facebook page on April 1 after running into the 20-year-old musician at a Walmart in Stratford, Ontario.
“Shame on u,” Malcho wrote, “U disgust me”.
The father of three claimed that Bieber was “walking through the store like u own the place,” and was shining flashlights into young girls’ faces, throwing things and opening food and chucking it away.
Malcho says he confronted Bieber and his “30 goons” inside the store and told him exactly what he thought of him.
“U started and came from nothing,” Malcho wrote, “U may be rich now but if u don’t smarten up ur gonna end up back with nothing”.
“Grow up son bc life is too short and ur a much better person then ur portraying to be.”

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