Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Miley Cyrus Films Cat Fight Mid-Concert

Miley Cyrus stops to film fans fighting on the Detroit stop of the Bangerz tour!
Miley Cyrus recorded and seemed to take delight in a fight that broke out between two females fans at her BANGERZ concert in Detroit.
In one video, you see two young women grabbing at each other while Cyrus pulls out her camera phone to record it.
And in a second video, posted to Instagram by Cyrus, the singer tapes one of the combatants and then turns the camera on herself to exclaim with a certain degree of glee, “Catfight!”

Jacked from Oh No They Didn't  


Anonymous said...

Ahh, why does she even have her phone on stage and at least they were not black girls.

Anonymous said...

stupid is as stupid does

Anonymous said...

+1 @ 10:03 a.m.

Anonymous said...

"Ahh, why does she even have her phone on stage"

cause it gives her an excuse to not perform--not that i would call what she does "performing" but i guess when she's too high/doesn't care/can't remember the words she pulls out her phone and snaps pics of the audience and texts and whatever.

signwithclass said...

I'd whoop somebody's ass too if I paid good money to watch that shitty ass performance.

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