Friday, April 4, 2014

Paul Walker's Mother Denied Guardianship

Paul Walker's mother claims she agreed not to seek guardianship of her granddaughter if the child's mother went to rehab, but in reality her request was denied.
Paul Walker's mother was denied permission to take over as the temporary guardian of the late actor's only child after accusing her granddaughter's mother of failing to take proper care of the teen.
Cheryl Walker filed papers for temporary and permanent guardianship in Los Angeles Superior Court on 18 March (14), claiming 15-year-old Meadow was at risk because Rebecca Soteros had been struggling with alcoholism.
The two parties were due for a legal showdown last week (27Mar14), but the battle was avoided after Walker, 60, reached an out-of-court agreement with Soteros, and agreed to let Meadow stay with her mother.
However, legal documents released to the public on Wednesday (02Apr14) actually reveal that Walker's short-term petition had been questioned by Commissioner David J. Cowan, who was overseeing the case. He stated, "Why is temp (temporary) guardianship needed? What is (the) urgency?"
Cowan also noted that Walker's lawyers had failed to adequately explain the reasons for the guardianship grab or serve papers to Meadow or Soteros.
The judge's ruling was issued without prejudice, which allows Walker to try for temporary guardianship again. It is not yet known if the actor's mother will attempt to argue her case in a new filing, but if she does, the motion could be addressed during her next court hearing with Soteros, which has been set for 30 April (14).
In his will, the Fast & Furious star, who died in a car crash in November (13), stated he wanted his mother to become Meadow's guardian in the event of his premature death.
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