Friday, April 4, 2014

Tori Spelling's Credit Card Declined

Tori Spelling's credit was card declined and her reality show cameras caught the entire embarrassing ordeal on film.

You wanted reality, you got it. Your card has been declined!
Tori Spelling got a little happy with her estranged husband’s credit card while she shopped at a party supplies store in Los Angeles on Thursday. The worst part of all was that this happened while the cameras of her new reality show were rolling. Yeap…the embarrasement it must have been. Not only is your husband “allegedly” a cheater…he’s broke too!
According to Mail Online, the cashier was seemingly impressed when the has-been actress handed over the American Express PLatinum card with Dean McDermott’s name on it. To her dismay, the card was declined seconds later.
Tori had her cart full of party supplies, including a pinata. Along with her two young ones, Liam and Stella, Tori waited 30 minutes until te cashier called the credit card company. It has been for while, that both Tori and Dean had been having financial issues.
The cameras caught it all. That’s what comes along with having a reality show that is actual reality. Must have been embarrassing.
Jacked from Buzz Hollywood


Anonymous said...

*smh* all that money her father had, and yet, none of it could buy tori a better-looking face and boob job.

Anonymous said...

she looks scary as hell...eeeewww

JJSantoro said...

Girl she should have just pulled out her credit card. Its sad her father left her with nothing and the mother wouldn't give her a dime.

Anonymous said...

I really do not like to judge other people' appearance, but she is so unfortunate looking. Didn't she have a ton of plastic surgery? What happened?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you spend your life, expecting to live off of your parents. White kids are good for that shit. I love my parents, but I have an estranged relationship with both of them. If they leave me something, cool. If not, I'm still good. A lot of them fall apart when they learn their parents die and they aren't getting the money they expected.

Anonymous said...

Her face is hurting my eyes! Tranny face.

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