Monday, April 28, 2014

Terry Richardson Sex Scandal Proven to Be a Hoax

Terry Richardson cleared after Facebook page that proposition model for sex in exchange for Vogue cover shoot proven to be fake.

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson has again been accused of bad behavior involving a young model — but it was a hoax, according to a web expert.
On Sunday, UK model Emma Appleton claimed she received a Facebook message from Richardson saying, “If i can [bleep] you i will book you in ny for a shoot for Vogue.”
After she posted the message on Twitter, Vogue weighed in, saying it has “no plans” to work with him. But sources told us Facebook found the account from which the message was sent in violation of standards of authenticity, and not from a verified Richardson account.
Online forensic expert, Theo Yedinsky, said Facebook had removed the fake account, which he discovered was set up two weeks ago from “some random Gmail account.”
A source close to Richardson said, “The whole thing is defamatory and possibly illegal. Appleton’s agent was informed about the fake account . . . but refused to acknowledge the truth and continued to grandstand.”
Appleton has deleted her Twitter profile, saying, “If the account is fake, then it needs to be removed. If it is real, then he is a hideous human.”
Richardson has previously been accused in the press of sexual misconduct with models. No charges were ever filed.
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Anonymous said...

He's still a pervert, though.

Anonymous said...

So he sent it from a spam account. Smart enough to realize that if it got out, he could always feign innocence. Dumb enough to think that his trailer-trash looking azz is gonna weasel his way back in, like hels the only photog in the world. LOL

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