Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bangerz International Tour Losing Steam

Concert goers overseas are not interested in Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour.

"People are taught to look at things so black and white, especially in small towns. I'm excited to take this tour to places where [art] like this wouldn't be accepted, where kids wouldn't learn about this different kind of art," said Cyrus earlier in the year. Critics seem to agree she’s been doing just that, with five star reviews raining down on the Bangerz tour. But one doubts whether the thousands of parents who took their kids to her O2 show will feel they left with an art lesson.
Miley can pretend she’s in a Brooklyn gallery space rather than an all-ages show, if she wants to. But she can’t pretend things are going well in terms of ticket sales. There were plenty of empty seats at the O2 and, unusually for an artist of her sway, she only played one night there. Things haven’t picked up on the rest of the European tour, with tickets still available for many of her upcoming dates. In the US, sales for the tour also struggled, particularly after she was seen smoking weed on TV. Forbes believe it’s unlikely she’d sold out “as many as half of her shows”. Tickets on secondary ticketing sites were selling for less than face-value as touts just tried to make some of their money back.
Her record sales have also been surprisingly poor. Despite being repeatedly described as “the person of the year” with unprecedented coverage across the worlds of music, entertainment and news, not to mention having two of the most watched music videos of all time, Cyrus’ album was only the 71st best selling of last year in the UK. Records by Alt-J, Kodaline, dutch jazz singer Caro Emerald and violinist Andre Rieu all performed considerably better. Globally the album did slightly better, but was still a long way off the top 20 global albums of 2013, an important measure for world-straddling artists.
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Anonymous said...

Not surprised. Raunchy antics and paid media hype gets people talking on social media and in the news, but doesn't necessarily translate to album and concert ticket sales. Basically, Miley's just a marketing gimmick folks would rather talk about and watch/listen to on the internet than spend their dollars on in real life.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have a sandwich.........freakin no talent hack..

Anonymous said...

the sad part is that the young lady is talented. Her handlers have turned her into a whore for money. Funny to see parents taking their young children to these strip shows. Parenting is now something that's just trending

Anonymous said...

I liked her as Hanna Montana. This new thot is the un-good

Anonymous said...

The jig's up and I'm glad. Fucking amateur

Anonymous said...

She's not talented and looks like a desperate chipmunk. The end.

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