Friday, May 2, 2014

James Franco Posts Nudes on Instagram

Actor James Franco teases his fan base by posting nearly naked pics on Instagram.
James Franco uploaded this nude (although self-censored) pic to Instagram early on Friday morning.
I'm on the side of the fence that firmly believes Franco is having a good laugh at all of us with these semi-trolly social media stunts. But hey, whatever. Here is an Academy Award nominee covering his dick with his hand and sharing it with the whole world.
UPDATE: Looks like the pic was deleted from James Franco's Instagram account. Either it was a legitimate mistake or he's basically saying "Nope, sorry Internet. Only cool bloggers who are up at 1 a.m. drunkenly scouring through the accounts of random celebrities like me get to have this story." Not that I know anyone who does that. (Also, Franco's pic may have been reported and then removed by Instagram as well. So many theories. This is like Oliver Stone'sJFK, only with celebrity dick instead of presidential assassination theories.)
Jacked from Jezebel


Anonymous said...

He is such an attention whore. He needs to join the porn industry and get it over with.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

When posting nudes at least try to look like you have not spent the night before, binge drinking, snoring coke, laying in piss, vomit and drool in an apartment with a broken air conditioner, he used to be so good looking, no he just looks stank!!

WTF??!!!!!! said...

He looks drunk as hell, pasty and stinky as fuck!!! What dumbass desperado thinks this shit is sexy??!!

Anonymous said...

He used to be soo fine, smdh! Now he look like sh*t!

Anonymous said...

He looks dirty and has always looked like he bathes in gravy.

Anonymous said...

He has NO JUNK! Where is the bone?

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