Friday, May 2, 2014

Justin Bieber Verbally Abuses 7-Year-Old

Justin Bieber rages at a seven-year-old kid in a Hollywood hotel.
This is a new low — even for Justin Bieber! The singer hurled a vile insult at a 7-year-old child — whose dad just happens to be a Star magazine editor!
“My son and I happened to be staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles and trying to walk through the gym to get to the pool,” the furious father, who never identified himself as a Star employee, recounts. “As I was walking through the gym, Justin’s body guard steps in front of me and says, ‘You can’t come through here,’ and tries to block me, and I saw Justin behind him doing pushups.”
After our editor told the bodyguard, “You’re not going to tell me where I can and cannot go,” the Biebs revealed the attitude that earned him 274,000 signatures on a deportation petition. “My son was frightened by the bodyguard, and I was trying to calm him down,” our editor continues. “But Justin stands up and says, ‘Your son is ugly!’”
After that, the 20-year-old’s pal, Lil Za, chimed in, yelling, “What, n—-r, what That’s right! Come on!” while pounding on his chest. “My son was terrified, so we just left,” our editor recalls.
Paul McCartney, Lupita Nyong’o and Liam Neeson were all staying at the same hotel — but without the thuggish entourage and entitled attitude!
Jacked from Star Magazine

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Justine is gonna run up on the wrong one and get her ass handed to her. People don't plat about their kids.

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