Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kanye West Trying to Bully French Government

Kanye West trying to bully the French Government into letting him circumvent the 40 day residency rule for his wedding to Kim Kardashian.

Switching wedding venues — and countries! — was not something Kanye West took lightly.
In fact, the outspoken rapper was furious when he found out France wouldn’t budge on their strict 40-day residency rule in order to wed, andKim Kardashianchose to stay out of all the drama, has exclusively learned.
But perhaps no one was more shocked when West didn’t get his way than the E! Network, since they’re footing the bill forthe couple’s European nuptials.
“Versailles is booked and paid for by E!,” a source told Radar.
“They were furious when Kanye demanded to change the venue, since the French government wouldn’t let them break the rules and let them marry there without living there for the correct amount of days. So they moved that part of the wedding to Italy, their way around that French rule.”
And despite not being able to tie the knot in France, the couple is still planning a pre-wedding festivity there — which could even be a full-out wedding.
“They’re still doing something in Paris. Both are supposed to be ‘weddings’ except neither will be legally binding. So there will be huge parties, and some wedding traditions, but no actual ‘I dos,’” the insider revealed.
“Kanye still thinks that the French government will come around because of who they are, which is why he orchestrated having so much international spotlight on Italy in light of the change. Kim is staying totally and completely out of it.”
West, 36, has a lot of contacts overseas which he’s said to have used to try and help pull some strings.
“This part of their nuptials is all about Kanye and his fashion contacts and European friends,” the source told Radar.
“Hardly any of Kim’s side will be there. She’s promised her friends a more normal wedding celebration later this summer in LA.”
It was Radar that first reported France’s 40-day residency law, throwing Kimye’s wedding plans into turmoil. West and Kardashian are set to wed this Saturday, May 24.
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Anonymous said...

Just plain stupid all around

Unknown said...

i so much hate this sambo coon niggas, and his slut bucket of a soon to be wife..

Kanye is this what you sacrificed your moms for. I hope its worth it,

Anonymous said...

Kanye be careful the French wont put up with your shit, they will send you away in exile!!!

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These two useless queens aren't fit to be married in the back of a Cracker Barrell. NEXT.

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