Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rihanna Avoiding Drake's Phone Calls

Rihanna avoiding Drake's phone calls because she doesn't want him to break up with her.
As far as Drake is concerned, his romantic relationship with Rihanna is over! But unfortunately he hasn’t gotten the chance to tell her that yet because she keeps dodging his calls, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.
Drake, 27, has decided that he and Rihanna, 26, would be better off as friends, but it seems she’s not ready to accept that truth. “Rihanna’s been avoiding him because she knows it’s coming,” a source tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY.
It looks like Rihanna and Drake’s short-lived romance has already run its course.
“I’m not saying it’s a wrap, but it’s getting there. In all honesty, he would much rather be her friend,” a source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY. “He loves her too much to get into something that’s not going to work. He doesn’t want one of them to get hurt in the end so he really just wants to be her friend and that’s where things are now.”
Drake has been feeling this way for a while now, our source says, but he hasn’t found the right time to tell Rihanna — mainly because she’s been ignoring his calls!
“It’s been happening for the past few weeks but Rihanna’s been avoiding him because she knows it’s coming,” our source reveals. “She’s not stupid. That’s she’s not. But stubborn, yes! The thing with her is that she likes the back-and-forth and the mistakes and the arguments that she and Drake have for love. He chalks it up to the fact that she’s been in very immature relationships with very young men and doesn’t know that when you’re in love, there are no arguments.”
So when will Drake tell Rihanna is “true feelings?”
“Whenever she picks up the phone and stop bullsh*tting,” our source says. “He’s not the dude who’s going to chase a girl around and play mind games and sh*t like that. This isn’t high school. He thinks she’s wonderful, accomplished and an all around sex symbol and he will never notthink that. It’s just that he realizes that a friendship would be more appropriate for them.”
Jacked from Hollywood Life


kiki60651 said...

bye felicia aka drake everybody knows that if ur calls are ignored it's been over everybody except drake!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1) I can't believe this simple acting bitch is 26.
2) Who's the illiterate dumb MF behind this story talking about "that's she's not" and " love, there are no arguments." Bitch, what world you live in?
3) Drake a sex symbol? Must be blind or drunk.

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