Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Growing Apart

Friends fear Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker could be the next Hollywood couple to hit the skids.

Check your man, Sarah Jessica Parker! The actress’ marriage to Matthew Broderick seems to be hanging on a thread. In fact, just four days before their 17th wedding anniversary, the Broadway star was spotted checking out a 26-year-old attractive brunette while in Venice, Calif. with some male friends.
Matthew was hanging out side the bar The Otheroom when the woman in question caught his eye. “He could not stop staring at me,” the source admits to Star. “It was really uncomfortable — so much so that my boyfriend got upset. We ended up rushing to get a cab to leave because it was so creepy.”
Another clue that Matthew and Sarah have fallen out was his noticeable absence from the Met Gala on May 5. “He has no interest in anything that interests her,” a longtime family friend reveals. “They spend little time together and don’t have anything in common these days. It’s sad.”
Jacked from Star Magazine

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Sarah is too good for him!

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