Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Paris Hilton Gave Justin Bieber a Lap Dance

Paris Hilton gave Justin Bieber a sexy lap dance before leaving the club with him in Cannes.

Paris Hilton gave Justin Bieber sexy 'lap dance' before partying with him until early hours in Cannes
Paris got really angry when people started filming her dance moves, which we simply cannot understand at all
You’ve got to pity the poor people of Cannes.
Once a year, alongside Hollywood legends and the hottest young actors, their city also gets swamped with reality stars, socialites and pop stars generally making a bit of a idiot of themselves.
So while the film industry was looking for the next world cinema smash, Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber were out together painting the town rouge.
The Baby singer , 20, and the reality star heiress, 33, were spotted partying at Gotha nightclub on Sunday night. Onlookers said the pair were looking cosy and at one point Paris plonked herself on Justin’s lap.
But as the gruesome twosome got down to some EDM bangerz, Paris wasn’t too happy about people taking pictures of her – for once.
A source said: “Paris had a private table above the DJ setup at the nightclub and was clearly loving being out and being the centre of attention. She was trying to dance sexily and looked really up for a party.
“But she hit the roof when people started filming her and she was yelling, ‘I can’t be filmed by a rival club – I’m being paid a lot of money to appear in another club!’ Her people stepped in to calm her down and persuade her to return to her table, where she then started dancing, sucking on a lollipop and flirting with Justin again.”
As R Kelly once pointed out, after the show it’s the afterparty, so Justin and Paris – and about 50 friends – all headed back to Justin’s rented mansion.
But someone clearly needs to school Justin in the art of a good all-back-to-mine as he apparently wouldn’t stop playing his own music. Cool move, Justin.
The well-placed source said: “Paris ended up leaving the party after half an hour when Justin was just playing his own songs.
“She said the party was really lame.”
Jacked from The Mirror


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Welcome to the world of Valtrex, Justin

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She gave him herpes too. I'd pass on that dance

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