Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beyonce Disses Justin Bieber in Concert?

Fans believe Beyonce dissed Justin Bieber when she flashed his mugshot during her concert.

They've already shocked fans by showing video footage of their 2008 wedding and Blue Ivy's birth, and now Beyonce and Jay Z have pulled another shocker out of the bag.
Audiences were treated to a series of mugshots, projected onto giant screens on stage - including singer Justin Bieber's - as Bey told fans: "Even the greatest can fall."
Fans posted about the apparent diss to the 20-year-old , who's been arrested and in trouble countless times in recent months.
Justin fans seemed torn with some furious Beliebers calling it "disrespectful," and saying, "Justin is gonna freak."
Others agreed with the 32-year-old singer, tweeting: "She is totally right. Respect", and "She was proving a point, it was not an Insult".
Jacked from The Mirror  


Anonymous said...

Maybe she's leading up to something. She seems to be telling a story; the wedding, Blue Ivys' birth, various pics of their life together; she seems to be telling a story.

Anonymous said...

im so intrigued...yawn

Anonymous said...

I agree @9:19, in some cryptic way I think she is telling us that she and Jay-Z are finish.

zeeedeee said...

I must say that sounds plausible@1st but the way this snotty nose mf dissed blacks IM GLAD!..hell SOMEBODY needed to do it even if it was a soft blow

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