Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hampton Locals Encouraged to Call the Cops on Kardashians

Hampton locals are being encouraged to call the police if they katch the Kardashians filming on the beach.

The Kardashians had better watch out while on the sand in the Hamptons — local authorities are asking residents to call the cops if they see them filming on their popular public beaches.
East Hampton Town trustee Diane McNally was not amused after Khloé, Kourtney and their clan were spotted filming on Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett last week for their show “Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons.”
The matter was brought to a town board meeting, where resident Joan Tulp complained, “A beautiful and quiet day … we were surrounded and our peace shattered by filmmakers and paparazzi accompanying the Kardashians.”
McNally, who was at the meeting, told us, “Who gave the Kardashians permission to film? The trustees should have been notified if they had applied for a permit to film on the beach, and we were not notified. Filming on our beaches is disruptive. Our residents are entitled to peace and quiet. I suggest that if anyone sees the Kardashians filming on the beach, they should call the police, because they are not legally there.”
Jacked from Page Six  


Anonymous said...

Lock them hos up.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I don't even live there and I want to call the police. I'm so tired of that family, anybody who still watch them on TV should also be arrested.

Anonymous said...

calling the cops now..thanks Hamptons

ThatBKChick said...

Well I hope they know what it feels like to be "black" getting the police called on their asses!!! No pitty for these whores!

zeeedeee said...

Goddammit good..lock them bitches up and please don't forget to throw away the key!

Anonymous said...

Why are these cunts famous again? No, seriously, who gives a shit about these random homely dogs?

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