Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iggy Azalea's Performance with J.Lo Falls Flat

Iggy Azalea tried to perform in Chicago with Jennifer Lopez but technical difficulties plagued the event.

Rap newcomer Iggy Azalea's surprise set with Jennifer Lopez fell flat in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday (14Jun14) after her microphone failed to work.
The Jenny from the Block superstar headlined the B96 Pepsi Summer Bash and thrilled fans when she brought out the Australian performer.
However, as Azalea was about to break into her rap on Lopez's track Acting Like That, technical difficulties shut off her mic.
The sound team at the event eventually fixed the problem, but Azalea was furious when she left the stage.
Taking to, she wrote, "I was supposed to sing actin (sic) like that with JLo at summer bash today but some idiot handed me a microphone that wasn't even turned on."
Despite the incident, Azalea admitted she felt honoured to perform with a superstar like Lopez.
She added, "Watching this woman do her thing tonight was beyond impressive. We had some technical difficulties when it was time for our song but hey, I still enjoyed the opportunity to stand on stage next to someone I've admired for a long time. jlo you're the most down to earth diva there is, always smiling & a true class act. wishing you so much luck for your album release!"
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Translation: the track was not working and people would have caught on its not my voice that's been rapping, but the black rapper who's persona I have been faking. there fixed it for you. can this no talent rat faced bitch go back to screwing kangaroo in her stolen homeland, her criminal ancestors stole from the Aborigines when the brittish emptied out their prisons and sent all the criminals over into Australia to fuck shit up.

Anonymous said...

@Niyabinghi Warrior - LOL! Dead @ "go back to screwing kangaroo in her stolen homeland"! *smh* It feels like a fuckin' elaborate joke that this no-talent hack is even called a rapper, let alone has/had a #1 and a #2 song on the Hot 100. Forbes said this bish was "running hip-hop". I think they misspelled "RUINED" cause that's exactly what she's doing. When she 'raps' she sounds like she swallowed a mouthful of sizzurp and marbles. But, mainstream hip-hop has been a joke for a while, so I guess it's fitting that this beady-eyed albino is the head court jester.

Anonymous said...

^^^oops! That should be "RUINING", but either way, she sucks. Can she be traded in for a koala bear? I hate T.I. for sex-trafficking her literally fake ass into this country!

Anonymous said...

Iggy, honey this is a sign from the heaven and hell. You have had how many tech glitches.... wait for it... you were not met to do music let alone rap let it go.

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