Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kim Kardashian Disses Blue Ivy?

Kim Kardashian's former nanny claims Kim brags about  North West being cuter than Blue Ivy.
Now it's on. Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have faked being friends in the past, but if there's any truth to a report in the latest issue of Life & Style, Kim may have seriously crossed the line by dissing Queen Bey's pride and joy.
"She brags that Nori is cuter than Blue Ivy," an anonymous former nanny of Kim's tells the tabloid. "She loves it."
Beyonce and Jay Z skipped Kim's wedding last month, prompting rumors that there was bad blood between the two power couples.
While that may not have been the case at the time, you can be certain that Bey won't be pretending to tolerate Kim for much longer if she finds out the reality star spoke ill of Baby Blue.
The nanny adds that Kim has strict rules about how little Nori is attired.
"Kim dresses her daughter in only neutral colors," says the source.
And despite the fact that Kim's army of nannies are clearly an important part of her child's upbringing, Mrs. West makes certain that she's never seen with them in public. "Kim demands that her posse walk behind her," says the ex-employee.
The Wests have been criticized for their parenting style in recent weeks, as Kim and Kanye took multiple honeymoons after their wedding, each time leaving North in the care of friends and relatives.
Jacked from The Hollywood Gossip  


Deezy said...

This cum guzzling whore got some nerve talking about somebody else child when her own child be looking like she don't even know who the fuck you are. Bitch please! Karma go come back hard on this one. Don't be surprised when Nori go be starring in her own XXX flick in 2031.

Anonymous said...

I believe Kim said this and I believe because of the episode of the Kardashians when she got pissed at Kourtney and Khloe because Kourtney named Khloe and Lamar the legal guardians shpuld something happened to her and Scott and Kim showed her ass. Talked all kind of shit about them and even had her mama Kris cosign her trolling antics. So yeah, Kim is a shittalker and shitstarter. On side note, Bey is very cute in the pic up there.

Anonymous said...

Instead of worrying about what someone else's child looks like Kim needs to be worrying about the day her child comes to her and ask "mommy how come there's a video of you on the internet of you spread eagle getting plowed by some strange man that ain't daddy"...

Anonymous said...

LOL at 10:28. Word!

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