Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kim Kardashian Accused of Being an Absentee Mother

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West accused of being absentee parents after their 1 year-old daughter North is spotted traveling cross country with a team of nannies and neither of her parents.
With stops in Cannes, Florence, New York, and Miami in just the past few days, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been living the jet set lifestyle in the weeks since their wedding. But as their daughter, North West, stays home with nannies, has learned that fans are slamming the new parents online for taking time away from their daughter — even going so far as to call the one-year-old “Ignori” and “Norphan!”
On Tuesday, West made an appearance at the Cannes Lions festival while Kardashian was in New York with their daughter. The next day, she flew into Nice Airport from New York, just hours after her husband West left town for Florence, Italy. West continued on to Miami from there, while Kardashian flew back to L.A., and meanwhile, baby North made the transcontinental flight from NYC to L.A. with a coterie of nannies, assistants, and security guards.
And on Twitter, fans were quick to criticize the parents’ decision to leave their kid in the care of their employees and family members.
In response to a Kardashian tweet about Cannes, one Twitter user wrote, “Where’s you’re f*cking prop . . err I mean kid? #IgNori #Norphan #WorstMotherEver #BesidesKrisIMean”
“I feel bad for North #ignori,” @sardshy wrote. “Baby is not a photo-op. Must b nice 2 pay sitters to watch child except for when it’s convenient.”
“How come Kim is never with her daughter #ignori,” @Queen_of_typos wrote.
Kardashian told reporters this week that she and West would reunite with their daughter in L.A. For a first birthday party this weekend.
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And they put her 1st birthday on hold an entire week. Now if that is not selfish, please tell me what is.

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