Monday, June 23, 2014

Lisa Robin Kelly's Husband Files Wrongful Death Suit

Husband of That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly suing her rehab facility for wrongful death.

The widower of tragic actress Lisa Robin Kelly has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against bosses at California rehab centre Pax House.
The That '70s Show star, who had a history of addiction issues, died on 15 August, 2013, three days after she was admitted to the Altadena alcohol treatment facility. Coroners ruled her passing an accident, revealing the 43 year old had suffered from a multiple drug intoxication.
Her husband Robert Gilliam has now accused the rehab centre staff of incompetence, claiming the actress lay dead in her room for several hours before she was discovered, according to
He is now seeking compensation for loss of love, affection, comfort and financial support.
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Fckkkkkk!! she looks like gollum from the lord of the rings. Really sad what happened to her.. DAYUM!!

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