Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Glam Squad Stage a Mutiny

Kim Kardashian's wedding glam squad threatens to quit after she refuses to reimburse them for food and lodging for destination wedding in Italy.

CHEAPSKATE UPDATE! Just before jetting off to Europe to kleave unto KANYE, KIM K went all kray-kray and Cheezy Bridezilla on her personal glamour staff – hairstylist, makeup artist, personal trainer, stylist, et al. – and dropped this nasty bombshell: She’d pick up their tab for economy airfares and lodging in cheap hotels, but would NOT reimburse for food or any expenses in Europe!
Reports a K-Klan insider: “Members of Kim’s entourage balked and tried to negotiate a better deal, but got shot down when she told them they should be thrilled she’d chosen them to accompany her -- and that the publicity they’d reap for making her look beautiful would be worth it for future jobs.” (Say waaaat?)
Now here’s my exclusive SCOOP-DEE-DOO: Special K got a mind-blowing shock when her entire glamour crew banded together and told her to either upgrade their accommodations, flights, etc. – AND reimburse them for food and other legit expenses – or try to hire newbies in Europe!”…Ka-POW!!... 
Flabbergasted, Kim kaved – not daring to chance looking less than her best on W Day!
Jacked from  The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Good job glam squad

Anonymous said...

I hate this kunt

Anonymous said...

Well thats how you treat a trick - her glam squad finnally learned the game!!

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