Saturday, June 7, 2014

Reality Star Brags About Bedding Carey Hart

Ashley from Rock of Love claims she slept with Carey Hart after he married Pink.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, came across this little interesting convo on my friends IG. Its Ashley from Rock of Love bragging about how she slept with Carey Hart right after he got married to Pink. You should look into this.
Anybody have Ashley’s contact information ( nik
Jacked from The Dirty  


Anonymous said...

These Ho's Ain't Loyal

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

This bitch has the nerve to post a full frontal of her bad built shape on social media? why these wide waist, shaped like a 1960"s whirlpool fridge insist in posing in bikini's, these tragic yt bitches and their planters peanut man shape, and them tatts, this bitches body look hard as hell, does this whore know about St Ives lotion can be purchased for less than 6 bucks in any CVS, walmart or even dollar store. her body looks like an albino leather mat, this bitch looks like a junkie tranny I'm surprised we didn't see some needles with foil in this picture. someone need to clue this ugly shapeless whore on photo shop bitch only so much ugly the public can view on a Saturday afternoon ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Pink looks like a butch lesbian, which is probably why she's so popular with gay women. Corey looks like an easily intimidated and submissive mangina.

Anonymous said...

lol @binghi warrior! at least P!nk is in shape and has body

@8:25, P!nk was a part-time lezzie in her early days, pro-gay marriage and all that so yeah, the gays definitely love her.

Anonymous said...

That woman looks like she needs a good bath and some antibiotics to cure her diseases!!! Corey Hart must have realize this too cause he never f**ked again. NASTY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I always thought Ashley looked like Tori Spelling and was glad when Heather whooped her ass.

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