Friday, July 18, 2014

Brody Jenner Says Reggie Bush Dodged a Bullet

Brody Jenner says Reggie Bush dodged a bullet by NOT marrying Kim Kardashian.
Brody Jenner raised eyebrows over the weekend by attending the wedding of step-sister Kim Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush — especially after he skipped Kardashian’s own nuptials in May. But has learned that the former star of The Hills “couldn’t care less” if Kardashian was hurt over the snub. And according to an insider, he thinks Bush “dodged a bullet” by splitting with the reality star four years ago!
“Of course it’s a huge diss to Kim that her step-brother went to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, and not hers!” the insider told Radar. “But Brody has been friends with Reggie for years, and wouldn’t have missed his wedding. It’s no secret that Brody and Kim aren’t close.”
In fact, the source said that during the Reception, Jenner was overheard saying “that he had never seen Reggie happier, and thought his new wife Lilit was the perfect match for him. There was of course no mention of Kim during the festivities, but Brody believes Reggie dodged a huge bullet by not marrying her!”
When Kardashian wed Kanye West in May, “Brody chose not to attend because she didn’t invite his girlfriend,” said the source. “He only booked a gig to DJ in Chicago after her wedding invitations were sent out.” But he was a proud guest at Bush’s wedding this past weekend.
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Anonymous said...

he is sooo right kim is a man eater/destroy

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Anonymous said...

he ain't lying. He sees what Kim mama did to his daddy and he knows Kim is a Kris-like clone expect Kim has not master the game the way her mother has.

signwithclass said...

Even he's sick of Kim.

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