Friday, July 18, 2014

Casey Kasem Still Unburied

Casey Kasem still not buried a month after his death.

A Month after Casey Kasem's death, the radio and voiceover icon's body remains in a mortuary in Tacoma, Wash., a rep for daughter Kerri Kasem confirmed Wednesday.
Casey Kasem died June 15 after a months-long battle over access to him and control of his end-of-life medical care played out between his second wife, Jean Kasem, and the three children from his first marriage.
Jacked from LA Times  


Anonymous said...

He can't beat James Brown or Sherman Hemsley!

Anonymous said...

^^^Wow, you beat me to it!

Anonymous said...

You all some fools for those comments!! that's what happens when you marry crazy gold digging heiffas lol

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what happens, 10:03! And I wish such treatment for every deadbeat father and mother (not to say that was the case for Kasem). I hope they die alone, their families fight over the coins they left, and the county is the only one to bury them. That's reaping what is sown.

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