Friday, July 25, 2014

Brooke Shields Writing Tell-All About Momager Teri

Brooke Shields is ready to open up about her controversial upbringing with notorious momager Teri Shields.

Brooke Shields is dishing details from an upcoming as-yet-untitled book about her relationship with her controversial late mother Teri, who was perhaps the world’s most famous “momager.”
“The reason I wanted to write the book is not to say: ‘You didn’t understand: She was the best mother in the world,’” Shields reveals in Social Life magazine. “I’m not holding her up on a pedestal, nor am I painting her as a villain or a victim.”
Teri courted controversy beginning when Shields was cast at 12 as a prostitute in the 1978 film “Pretty Baby,” and a series of sexual Calvin Klein jeans ads at 14 that catapulted Shields’ career.
But Shields tells Social Life’s Devorah Rose of criticism about her mom, “You know what’s so funny about a lot of the things that they were pushing back on her for? Those things were the least of my worries. I was exploited? I was in school full time…Seriously, the opportunities I had…I wasn’t worried about what they were saying.”
She adds of her mom’s parenting: “We would go to Studio 54 together, but I would be home by 11.”
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nba is fixed said...

You guys know how satanic hollywood works, nobody becomes a superstar until they get broken in. Brooke Shields became a superstar at age 14? She had to do something or someone to become that famous. I doubt she will mention that in her book. I'm glad she is still alive.

WTF???!!!!! said...

I always thought Brooke was a beautiful girl. If it wasn't for her momager she wouldn't be a household name. I'm sure she had to do certain things, in order to have so many great opportunities in the biz. She was a hot commodity in the 80s. As an adult it seemed she had quite a few problems in her personal life. I think it stemmed from what went on as a child. I still like her and I wish her the best.

Anonymous said...

Terri did what Joe, Daddy K, and PMK did for their chirren. You make not have loved it Brooke, but yo ass is relevant b/c of yo mammy's footwork.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Well at least she's alive and seems to be a good mother, considering all the fuckery her mom consented to her engaging in to become famous. its nice to see her and Drew Barrymore make it to a stable adult hood who are seemly happy and well adjusted today. that filthy, perverted industry run by pedophiles is a soul and spirit killer.

Anonymous said...

Terry was an raging alcoholic that put PMK to shame when it came to pimping out Brooke. She allowed nude photos to be taken of her in full adult make up at 10 years old! Google it.

zeeedeee said...

"we would go to studio 54 together"?...after she said that all the rest was you know how much debauchery went on there...good Lord say it ain't so!

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