Friday, July 25, 2014

OJ Simpson Sending Love Letters to Kris Jenner

Sources claim OJ Simpson has been bombarding Kris Jenner with love letters from prison.
Kris Jenner has a new suitor.
The momager, who split from husband Bruce last year, is being pursued by her alleged former flame O.J. Simpson,The National ENQUIRER reports.
Since the disgraced former football star has been behind bars since his 2008 robbery conviction, the 66-year-old is wooing Jenner the old-fashioned way— with love letters!
“O.J.’s desperate for face time with Kris and has been laying it on thick in his letters, telling her how beautiful he thinks she is and what wonderful memories he has of their time together,” an insider tells The ENQUIRER. “He’s told her she’s one of the sexiest, most intelligent women he’s ever met – and he wishes things had turned out differently between them.”
Though Jenner denies it, sources tell the magazine that the pair had a steamy affair in the mid-‘80s, when she was married to the late Robert Kardashian, who went on to represent Simpson in his infamous 1994 murder trial.
And just last year, Simpson’s manager even claimed his client was the real father of the 58-year-old’s daughter Khloe Kardashian.
Not surprisingly, Jenner is avoiding any contact with Simpson, who was found guilty in a civil case of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman.
“It’s Kris’ worst nightmare! She wants no part of O.J., but he’s pleading with her to visit him in jail and go over some very important issues that he wants to discuss with her in person,” a source tells The ENQUIRER. “He has a lot of dirt on Kris from the old days, so it will be in her best interest to visit him, whether she wants to or not!”
According to the magazine, the inmate wants to confront Jenner about rumors he’s Khloe’s REAL dad.
“He wants to hear it from her,” the insider reveals, “and if there’s a trace of doubt when she answers, he’ll fight tooth and nail for a DNA test.”
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Anonymous said...


WTF???!!!!! said...

Who the fuck hasn't Kris Jenner fucked?? I mean really! And OJ's mind has officially left the building. After he won his case, he should've relocated to some tropical island and lived a humble life. He had plenty of money...but no!! He had to go flaunting more white women and doing dumb retarded shit. He created his own demise.

Anonymous said...

will the cameras show OJ writing the letters?

Anonymous said...

What "WTF???!!!!!" said. My thoughts exactly. This dumb-ass shoulda got the hell outta dodge soon after that "not guilty" verdict was read. But he got all cocky and over-confident and in the end, the white folks got what they wanted: his black ass locked up. i'm sure at least a few them wished he'd gotten the death penalty.

zeeedeee said...

Still chasing that alternative ass I see..damm jail couldn't even stop this one..fuckin dumb toaster head sum bitch!

Anonymous said...

He wants some cash and for PMK to pull some strings with the Illuminati to get his black ass out of jail! LOL!

Anonymous said...

DAME ole'Jay use to be so fuckin' fine all the way up to his 40's now he just fuckin' fuggly, what the hell happen to his skin??? he use to have such a sexy complexion. Shiiiiiit, he aint gonna pull noooo Kardashian, not even momma dukes herself>> to come to his prison house with him lookin' washed out like that

Anonymous said...

It may be the beginning of dementia - OJ is probably going back to the days when him and his friends ran trains on Kris and reminding her how much she liked it and how much fun it was, and they should do it again sometime!!!

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