Saturday, July 5, 2014

Casper Smart Fears J.Lo Will Put a Hex on Him

Jennifer Lopez' ex-boyfriend Casper Smart fears the pop star is planning to put a Sanitarian hex on him.
Holy Santeria, J.LO! Pals fear she’s put the hoodoo on ex Casper!
Jennifer Lopez kicked boyfriend Casper Smart to the curb after his tranny scandal.
Now, in a wacky development, pals fear she’ll put him under a black magic spell!
“Casper thinks he has to watch his back because, in an outrageous belief, close friends of his believe his former lady love has a habit of casting voodoo spells on men she feels did her wrong!” a pal told The ENQUIRER.
J.Lo, who turns 45 on July 24, dumped her 27-year-old boy toyafter discovering he was cheatingon her with transgender models. And although Casper insists it isn’t true, the couple split right around the time the rumor surfaced.
“Casper’s been told that J.Lo is fascinated with Santeria – an African-Cuban type of religion devoted to certain saints,” said the pal. “Animal sacrifice is central to Santeria and is essential for the worshipper to maintain a personal relationship with the spirit.
“Apparently, Jennifer has said she’s been into it since she was ateenager and she even credits it with helping her find both career success and love.”
As The ENQUIRER revealed back in 2003, J.Lo relied heavily on her Cuban-born spiritual adviser, Merle Gonzalez, as trouble in her relationship with Ben Affleck grew. Merle admitted to The ENQUIRER that she practiced Santeria at the time.
Ironically, J.Lo’s first husband, Cuban-born Ojani Noa, consulted a Santeria guru to try to save their marriage! Ojani told an interviewer, “At the end of the ’90s, my blackmagic godmother – who is now Jennifer’s spiritual leader – was protecting me…and guiding me like a son.
“We participated together in sacrifices of chickens and hens. On one occasion, I was present when they were cleansing Jennifer with the blood of a hen.”
Jennifer’s religious devotion apparently stems from the influence exerted over the singer by her “Madrina,” her Santeria spiritual mentor.
Said the friend: “Despite the split, Casper wants to stay on her good side. The last thing he needs is a hex put on him!”
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


Anonymous said...

Nubile goddess/warrior, where your black magic ass at?!!

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

LOL no surprise here, Jennifer's ass is a daughter of Oshun who's magikal spells are unbreakable. I would do more that Santaria on his ass I would take it ancient, back to our ancient mothers spirit guides. but then again do you really want to break out the big guns for thise small time hoes, casper ain't worth it.

Obsecro invirtute spiritus ignis docebat tum genium quendam

Anonymous said...

Casper just become a Warlock and destroy her evil powers

Anonymous said...

Santeria is real - how else would you explain why this broad is still being shoved down our throats despite not having a hit ANYTHING in over fifteen years? Casper, you in danger boy. Get you somebody who know what they're doing, cause there's no telling what all decrepit mess this chick did to get put on. Probably drank chicken blood or some ish.

Anonymous said...

How is Santerianism deemed effective if all of her relationships have fallen apart?

Anonymous said...

Who said that she wants to be in a long-term relationship for life? Drama = Attention

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