Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow Eats Meat for Goop

Fanatical vegan Gwyneth Paltrow tucks into a hamburger for her lifestyle website Goop.

Coldplay's Chris Martin has revealed that following his split from Gwyneth Paltrow, he's no longer a vegetarian. And now it looks like his ex could be following in his footsteps.
Writing on her website, Goop, 41-year-old Gwyneth posted a picture of herself gorging into a massive burger with the caption: “That was, in fact, a bad a*s burger.”
Paltrow is famous for her clean-living, and macrobiotic diet, so the feature she wrote about taste-testing the best food trucks in L.A. seemed quite out of character.
Other delicacies that Gwyneth posted about included grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers and pizza - none of which seem to fit her low calorie diet.
The post comes after Chris Martin revealed on BBC Radio 2 that he now eats meat again following the pair's "conscious uncoupling." "I'd only eat something that I think I could kill," he said. "I'd kill a fish. Not a giraffe."
Gwyneth was responsible for her ex-partner's vegetarianism, but last year revealed that fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio encouraged her to stop eating meat.
“I hung out with Leonardo DiCaprio when I moved to New York. He was vegetarian and he'd talk about how dirty meat is and how bad factory farming is,' she told The Guardian.
If the pictures on her website are anything to go by though, it looks like meat-free living could be far behind her!
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WTF???!!!!! said...

Who gives a damn about fish sticks?!

She's a fucking hypocrite!!!!!!!!

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

There was a blind item floating around awhile back about an actress, who's healthy lifestyle is a fraud, that while this "actress" espoused vegan lifestyle they secretly partook in eating burgers behind closed doors, trust if your a vegan and diving off into some red meat like that, you would get deathly sick to your stomach the shock of red meat to your system would be a sickly jolt. she's such a fucking hypocrite, why can't folks just be themselves, who the fuck are we trying to impress?? damn just be your authentic self no matter how neurotic that is. embrace your true self damn!!!

Anonymous said...

a lot of these celebs who yak about 'healthy lifestyle' this and 'clean eating' that are either scarfing down burgers and fries behind closed doors, on drugs, or have raging eating disorders and try to cover it up with claims of being 'vegan'.

Anonymous said...

That is one incredibly homely woman. *shuddering*

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