Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Freddie Prinze Jr Disses Kiefer Sutherland

Freddie Prinze Jr. slams actor Kiefer Sutherland for being unprofessional.

Whoa! Freddie is throwing major shade at his former ’24’ co-star Kiefer! The 38-year-old actor even admitted that he wanted to quit acting after working with the ‘unprofessional’ Kiefer. But a source tells HollywoodLife.com
Freddie Prinze Jr., 38, and Kiefer Sutherland, 47, worked together in 2010 when Freddie joined the cast of 24. Now Freddie is revealing in a new interview that he didn’t particularly enjoy working with Kiefer — in fact, he says he “hated every moment of it.” He definitely wasn’t shy about sharing his true feelings about Kiefer!
Freddie and Kiefer may have played partners on 24 in 2010, but it sounds like they were anything but friends in real life.
In a new interview with ABC News, Freddie reveals that he “wanted to quit the business” after working with Kiefer.
“I did 24, it was terrible. I hated every moment of it,” Freddie says. “Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world. That’s not me talking trash, I’d say it to his face. I think everyone that’s worked with him has said that.” Whoa! Talk about harsh!
Freddie went on to diss Kiefer’s height by claiming that showrunners “made” Freddie take his shoes off to do scenes with Kiefer. “Just put the guy on an apple box or don’t hire me next time,” Freddie says. “You know I’m 6 feet and he’s 5’4.”
Both Kiefer’s rep and an executive at Fox have spoken out about Freddie’s harsh comments.
“Kiefer worked with Freddie Prinze, Jr. more than five years ago, and this is the first he has heard of Freddie‘s grievances,” a rep for Kiefer says in a statement. “Kiefer enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best.”
And an unnamed Fox official tells TMZ that Kiefer was “nothing but professional during the run of the show and is beloved by cast and crew. It’s so out of left field, five years later. We wouldn’t have done another 24 if Kiefer were anything like Freddie described.”
Plus, an insider tells HollywoodLife.comexclusively that Freddie’s hard feelings may have something to do with him being envious of the high-profile 24 star’s success!
“Freddie is just jealous of Kiefer because he’s not as popular with the ladies,” our source reveals. “While on location, girls were always approaching Kiefer right and left. Freddie was completely overshadowed and was clearly upset about playing second fiddle. Freddie is bitter that his career has been stalled for so long so he’s into the blame game. Kiefer is one of the coolest guys to work with and a complete professional on the set. And it’s funny that Freddie dissed Kiefer’s height because the girls still came running after Kiefer and pretty much ignored Freddie wherever we went on location.”
“Freddie had to give some excuse as to why he hasn’t worked for so long, so he blamed it on Kiefer,” the source adds. “It’s such a low blow and this will only hurt Freddie’s career. People don’t want to work with prima donnas.”
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