Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kanye West Puts The Brakes on Baby No. 2

Kanye West not sure he wants to have another baby with Kim Kardashian.

North West just turned one, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter won’t be getting a sibling any time soon. RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the couple have put their baby plans on hold due to “constant fights” over balancing family time with their respective careers.
West and Kardashian “are having constant fights over the timing of having another baby,” an insider told Radar.
“Kim has made no secret for her desire to get pregnant right away with another baby,” the source continued. “However, Kanye is resisting because he is going to be going on a world wide tour after the release of his upcoming album. The couple doesn’t even have their own house to live in! It’s just too much chaos for Kanye to handle.”
What’s more, “It doesn’t help that the couple have been fighting a lot ever since they got married,” the source continued. “Kanye can’t understand Kim’s love of just lounging around for days at a time,” like they recently did during a vacation at Joe Francis’ Punta Mita mansion.
Not only did Kardashian relish doing nothing for days, the source said, but also, “She has even hinted that they should buy their own seaside getaway.”
Radar previously revealed that Kardashian has been “so sad” since marrying West in an over-the-top Italian ceremony in May.
“By all appearances, Kim looks like she has it all – a perfect husband, and a beautiful daughter – but the light and joy in her eyes is gone,” a source told Radar.
But despite her marriage troubles, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star “is absolutely determined to get pregnant,” the source said. 
“And Kanye can never say to no to her in the bedroom. Their sex life is over the top, and Kim is boasting it’s only a matter of time until she becomes pregnant again
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Anonymous said...

I call bullshit.
Kim was on Ellen bitching and complaining about how horrific pregnancy is and how everyone who says they loved it is lying.
Another one of PMK's plants to ensure that Kim gets all the pity when this marraige rumbles.

Anonymous said...


zeeedeee said...

I ain't buying this horse SHIT either..first all that talk about how wonderful she is in bed should be coming from one if the MANY men she screwed..i ain't heard one yet!..het dome game is lame too soooo NO I don't think so..and hell yea that hoe want to try to have another baby by the same guy..she is trying to clean up her hoe rep but looks like Ye ain't trying to hear it..and she tuna keep up with Kourtney just like she did with Khloe marrying Kris H just like she tried to do with Kendall with that Vogue cover just like she did with her momma even with that see thru shirt selfie...gdamm Kim is EXHAUSTING!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kanye has already signed the his death certificate, she has killed his respect as man, his career and his mind. I feel no pity for either of them.

Anonymous said...

Neither of these bitches have any kind of career nowadays. Real talk

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