Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Irish Castle Disputes KimYe Honeymoon Rumors

The Irish castle where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent their honeymoon deny rumors that the couple refused to pay their bill.

It was claimed the power couple left the stunning castle after just three hours with an unpaid bill, but the estate has flatly denied the rumours.
A swanky Irish castle has denied Kim Kardashian and Kanye West left without paying them a £25,000 bill on their honeymoon, after it was claimed the pair left after just three hours.
The pair were rumoured to have left Castle Olivier because Kim couldn't find phone reception and found the castle "too big", but the castle has since denied the claims.
A spokesperson told the Irish Mirror: "They 100% paid their bill and I have no idea where this is coming from."
The pair - who married the week before in a posh ceremony in Florence, Italy - flew to Ireland for a relaxing break in the countryside.
Earlier reports by the Daily Star Sunday suggested the pair booked the lavish stay at Castle Olivier, including entertainment, florists and food on a credit card, but upped and left after just three hours.
It was claimed that rather than paying the bill for all those pre-booked luxuries, they refunded it all back to their card, leaving the castle with the bill.
A source told the newspaper: “They wanted the most expensive champagne, thousands of pounds worth of flowers, the best food, a private chef and daily entertainment."
The source added: “Everything they asked for had been arranged and pre-booked using the couple’s credit card at their request.”
The newspaper reported Kim demanded they relocate because the castle had poor phone reception.
We knew she loved Instagram, but not that much.
And sources added to Radar Online the reality star found the castle "too big" - which we are totally confused about - it's a castle, they tend to be on the large side.
But while it's usually Kanye kicking up a bit of a stink in situations such as this, he was reportedly the one keeping the peace. Say WHAT?
The insider added: “It was clear the moment they arrived Kim wasn’t happy. She got out of the car and started saying there was no phone reception."
The pair later stayed at the Ballyfin House hotel in County Laois.
We have contacted reps for both stars for comment.
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