Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Robin Thicke's Paula Album Suffers Dismal UK Sales

Robin Thicke's Paula album sells a dismal 580 copies in the UK.

The music industry is tough, we get that. If there’s not a truckload of wide-eyed X Factor refugees flooding the charts, then there’s a few pop goliaths dominating the top spots for weeks on end. But surely Robin Thicke, the man with the biggest selling single of 2013, could shift a few albums?
Well, it turns out he can indeed shift a few albums, but by “a few” we literally mean, “a few”. Five hundred and thirty to be exact. Yep, 530 humans in UK bought Robin Thicke’s new album Paulain its first week, which shot the album right to number… 200 in the mid-week album chart.
Just to give you a bit of perspective, Bob Marley’s album Legend is at number 54 and it’s been in the charts for 842 weeks. But hey, that’s a great album, and maybe Asda had it on offer at the end of the frozen aisle.
Still, 530 copies isn’t many. A quick straw poll of the heat office says that we could probably release an album and sell 530 copies, just by nagging our friends. We probably annoyed at least 130 people into downloading Candy Crush Saga with incessant Facebook invites, so shifting 500 albums seems like an easy feat.
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Anonymous said...

Wow. Though there the UK has never been known for big numbers. Their platinum is 200k or something like that. But still, wow.

Anonymous said...

Good. Maybe now he'll shut up about her. Nothing against Paula, it was just obvious to me that he was using their separation as a promotional tool to try to sell albums.

Anonymous said...

Why don't he go steal another classic R&B/ Soul song, I'm sure that'll get back to the top of the charts it worked for blurred lines.

Anonymous said...

*get him*

nba is fixed said...

This trust fund kid can't sing. His daddy is the reason why he became famous in the first place. This fraud thought he was better than Marvin? BULLSHIT! Nobody will ever be better than the legend. Rest in peace Marvin Gaye!

P.S. Denzel Washington is fucking Paula Patton now!

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

@4:49 PM
Cosign to the 9th power!!! now maybe this fraud will go sit hit skeevy, greasy, one step away from a drug overdose looking ass.

Anonymous said...

Sold fewer than 50 copies in Australia

zeeedeee said...

Speaking of Marvin he wrote an entire album about his first wife called Hear My Dear and it is one of his BEST..he also did I Want You for his second wife Janis which is also PHENOMINAL!!..Robin stay tryna jack his style and it's PATHETIC!!

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