Thursday, July 24, 2014

John Travolta Sued Over Right to Air Gay Claims

A man who claims he had a relationship with John Travolta sues for the right to tell his story.
The man who claims he had an intimate “love affair” with A-list actor John Travolta back in the ’80s has been granted the opportunity to challenge the validity of his 20-year-old confidentiality agreement in order to write a tell-all memoir.
Douglas Gotterba, 64-year-old pilot told the National Enquirer sex with John Travolta “was gentle but very passionate,” was granted motion by a California court Tuesday.
He previously claimed during his tenure at Travolta’s aircraft company Alto, the two were essentially dating. He filed a complaint recently after receiving several cease-and-desist letters from Travolta’s attorney, who claimed that sharing any information regarding his employment would be violation of termination agreement he signed upon leaving the company in 1987.
It’s understood that the real points of contention here are the supposed “intimate details” Gotterba wants to share about his relationship with Travolta in his new memoir. Though the actor’s camp has previously refuted the allegations as “ridiculous,” Gotterba has remained a noted character in the seemingly never-ending speculation about John Travolta’s sexuality.
Attorneys for Travolta and Gotterba have taken to arguing about termination agreement Gotterba signed, which included confidentiality agreement that’s believed to be indefinite.

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WTF???!!!!! said...

With the help of scientology, butt pirate Travolta has been covering up his gay affairs for many many years. He pays them all off and has fixers that make that shit go away...but it's all catching up with him. He's known for his bath house antics and hitting on his masseuse. Tons of pics of him kissing men on the mouth on the internet if you look. His marriage to whatever her name a sham created by scientology to give him a hetero image and save his career. His wife is a lesbo. And yes, you can have kids and be living a lie. Hopefully this dude doesn't end up flying off a building. He's been telling this story for awhile, but JT kept shutting him down.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Vinny Babarino's long time jump off about to spill that tea, unfortunately for him the public could care less. Vinny's antics is well know like 4:43 PM said, his man molesting fuckeries are well known. I could care less about this what would interest me though is the fuckery that went down behind his son's death in the Bahama's, some foul shit went down with his son and the caretaker was one of John's lover, was he molesting the kid, did he kill the kid, now that's some real gossip I could give two fucks about him man on man loving. I want to know the dirt behind his son's demise. his carefully crafted image of a sensitive nice guy never fooled me, his spirit is filthy and evil and that sham ass of a marriage is a joke with his "wife" never actually carrying those children but using surrogate to fake pregnancies, now that's some muthafukken tea on these wretched ass hoes.

Anonymous said...

why is john working so hard to hide it??? it's stylish now to come out of the closet and admit your gay when you are, this aint the 80's no more, he'll get more fans for being honest with the world and then he can kiss any man he wants to date in public

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