Friday, July 18, 2014

Kendall Jenner Determined to Dethrone Kim Kardashian

Kendall Jenner is determined to take sister Kim Kardashian's spot as the hottest most important sibling  in the family.

As her modeling career takes off and Kendall Jenner becomes a self-obsessed, ungracious diva, insiders ask: Who’s keeping up with her?
On July 8, Kendall Jenner strutted her statuesque stuff at an event widely regarded as the pinnacle of überglamorous Paris Fashion Week: the Chanel Haute Couture show. The 18-year-old looked every inch a high-fashion model, herbrunette hair spiked in an edgy peacock ’do, her olive skin and striking cheekbones glowing under the runway lights. Meanwhile, her half sister Kim Kardashian was on the Jersey Shore, strolling the boardwalk for a segment ofKourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons.
Here was one famous sibling being ushered into Paris’ fashion elite; there was the other, flanked by cameras to film yet another cycle of reality TV, her family’s main cash cow. The distinction certainly hasn’t escaped Kendall, who insiders say has gone to great lengths to prove that she’s far surpassed the publicity-worshipping Kardashian clan. “She thinks she’s the hottest sister by far,” says a source. “Now that she’s famous and heavily involved in fashion, she sees herself as better than everyone else.”
Kendall’s self-centered behavior started long before her modeling career took off. On a 2013 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she spent her family’s five-star trip to Greece pouting in her suite, crying about how “no one asked me” to go four-wheeling, and then proceeded to throw the camera crew out, yelling, “Go away! I’m not filming this. I’m not, like, happy at all.”
In a June episode, Kendall lobbed vulgar comments at her mom, Kris Jenner, whose only offense was dancing to the music at a SoulCycle class.
“Do you always have to be the center of attention? It’s so annoying,” Kendall yelled, adding, “Eww, Mom, you’re so embarrassing, you need to act your age. Desperate f***ing whore!” The same episode saw Kendall leaving Kris to deal with her Great Dane Blu’s lack of house training, showing no sympathy when her mom trudged barefoot through the dog’s mess. She has become such an egomaniac that she’s now demanding twice as much as her sisters to film the show.
Kendall has been dead set on establishing herself as the most legitimate and in-demand member of her family, and her first order of business has been proving she has what it takes to de-throne Kim. Before Kendall had even decided whether to pursue modeling, Kim flew Kendall to New York to network with industry contacts. But instead of a thank you, Kendall addressed the KUWTK cameras with a smug message for her wannabe-model sister. “Kim originally wanted to do runway [modeling], but ended up being too short for it,” Kendall said, taking obvious pleasure in Kim’s, er, short-comings. She then added, “I think she’s taking her fantasy out on me.”
Kendall’s less-than-gracious behavior toward Kim reached a boiling point at the2014 Met Gala in May. Kendall, who dazzled in a strapless peach-colored mermaid gown, had reportedly made it her personal goal to outshine her sister, who was still struggling to shed her baby weight from her pregnancy with 1-year-old North. “Kendall knew that Kim was feeling really insecure about her weight,” says an insider, “but it didn’t matter. All she cared about was looking better than Kim.”
The fact that the teenage Kendall was invited to the MET Gala at all spoke volumes—and she knew it. Sources say Kendall delighted in knowing Kim spent years persuading Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, who hosts the ball, that she was worthy of being in the magazine’s inner circle, donning designer duds and attending fashion shows in a bid to prove she’d put her promiscuous past behind her. She and her husband, Kanye West, finally graced the April cover, but only after years of surreptitious campaigning.
Meanwhile, Kendall—who was featured in a fashion spread in the June/July issue of French Vogue—has been flaunting the fact that it’s taken virtually no effort to be recognized by the industry players Kim still clamors to impress. “Kendall totally rubbed it in Kim’s face that she and Anna are, like, ‘total besties’ after she sat next to her at London Fashion Week,” says a source. It’s like Kendall gets a little thrill every time she puts down Kim. She’s told Kim she’s a ‘total joke’.”
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Anonymous said...

Who cares can they all just go the hell away. You know what's gonna happen if their pimp mama extends their already expired 15 minutes of fame for Kendall by having her replace Kim, then the grand kids are next, when they get 16 and 17 then she'll push them down the publics throats as well and the Kardashian train wreck of a family will never leave. That's Kris's whole plan and I pray it doesn't work!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is Kendall, no one would even know who you are if it wasn't for your big sis Kim.
And why does Kris allow her daughters to disrespect her?

Anonymous said...

kim need to worry about her edges.

Anonymous said...

"And why does Kris allow her daughters to disrespect her?"

Probably cause she figures it's a small price to pay for the cut she gets every time she sells their pussies to the highest bidder.

Kendall and the other younger sister are next in line for PMK to ruthlessly pimp out now that Kim is in her 30s and in a few more years, won't be able to earn as much for a 'date'. Poor Nori. This will be her future. As long as there are buyers, PMK will continue to whore out every female in her family.

zeeedeee said...

Yep I saw that episode and I knew that Jennner girl would be on Kim's ass..kinda like how Kim has been to Khloe and now Rob..that bitch stays in competition with her siblings it's like she gotta be better than all of them..Kendall IS a model and a really good one at that and it's KILL-IN Kim!..HA!..good for her nasty ass too..i say GO least she's legit!

WTF???!!!!! said...

Kim's edges are jacked the fuck up!!!!!!!!!! Ever since she got with that evil muppet, her looks went downhill. She's not even remotely interesting anymore.

Sunni said...

@WTF....I think that was Kanye's plan from the jump. Step 1- knock her up 2- Take her out the spot light (only one queen can rule) 3. Total control. He just forgot that the K-Klan is like cancer so his career is in the toilet now too.

Anonymous said...

Kanye is on that Kamikaze.

Anonymous said...

So basically I'll have to let people know this site is now property of the Kardashians, and to go else where for gossip/celebrity news.

Anonymous said...

ok so since all we can do is talk about these trashboxes lets talk about Kylie's lips and how she's definitely been getting work done!

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