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Brittany Murphy's Father Accuses Her Mother of Murder

Brittany Murphy's father accuses her mother of foul play in Brittany's death.

On August 14, 2014 Brittany Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti publicly declared his intent to sue Lifetime for its recently announced unauthorized biopic about his daughter.
In this exclusive interview with Examiner, Mr. Bertolotti shared new information about his continued pursuit of justice for Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack.
Examiner: Mr. Bertolotti, what was your reaction to the announcement that Lifetime is planning to release an unauthorized biopic about your daughter in September of this year?
Mr. Bertolotti: To put it bluntly, I was completely disgusted. Lifetime is not a bastion of good taste, but it was too low even for them to interfere with an ongoing homicide investigation. The company’s press pitch made it quite clear that Lifetime intends to portray my daughter as an insecure, paranoid drug abuser, who caused her own demise. Nothing could be further from the truth. Media coverage of this case has been atrocious from the start. Numerous outlets lied that Brittany was anorexic, a drug addict, had a heart attack, died of mold exposure – all of that was proven to be untrue. Still, the same pathetic misrepresentations continue. Since I’ve been fighting for justice for Brittany and Simon, my name was also smeared. It all started right after Brittany died, when Sharon Murphy lied to the media that I wasn’t Brittany’s real father. She went so far as to exclude my name from Brittany’s death certificate. It was unbelievable. I had just lost my child and wasn’t even able to visit her grave or discuss her death with the Coroner. I had to go to court to get the death certificate corrected and have these matters straightened out.
Examiner: Why do you think Sharon [Brittany Murphy’s mother] did that?
Mr. Bertolotti: To keep me out of any interactions with the Coroner. I would have immediately asked for a thorough autopsy. What they did was just a basic blood panel. The Coroner’s Office didn’t test for any poisons or toxins and to this day they refuse to do so. Even after two independent laboratories found ten heavy metals/poisons in Brittany’s specimens, the Coroner’s office did absolutely nothing to look into the case. They even lied to the media about not receiving test results I sent them. Of course, I sent my correspondence via certified mail, so there is a verifiable paper trail.
Examiner: Why do you think the Coroner’s office is not reopening the case?
Mr. Bertolotti: Because it would be an admission that their initial autopsies of Brittany and Simon failed to look for the real cause of death. By immediately referring to both deaths as “natural,” they’ve also deterred the LAPD from questioning any witnesses or conducting any investigation whatsoever.
Examiner: Whom do you think the LAPD should have questioned?
Mr. Bertolotti: Sharon, of course. Even if they didn’t suspect anything at first, anyone who was paying attention during her interview with Larry King would know something was seriously wrong. Simon mentioned that Brittany told her mother, “Mommy, I’m dying,” at least an hour before Sharon called 911. Sharon herself admitted that while Brittany collapsed on the floor of the bathroom, she (Sharon) sat nearby holding the dog. She lied to the 911 operator that mouth-to-mouth was being performed on Brittany, but later admitted to Larry King that wasn’t true either. No one did mouth-to-mouth. When Brittany wasn’t breathing, Sharon wanted her placed under running water in the shower. I don’t think any rational mother would act like that. No one questioned anything and five months later, Simon was dead. Just like Brittany, he was struggling to breathe, vomiting, suffering in agony. Simon’s mother, Linda Monjack, called and pleaded with Sharon to call for an ambulance. Instead, Sharon sat next to him on the bed and watched him die. Simon was desperate to be taken to the hospital, but Sharon dialed his own number and handed him the phone. He left an eerie message that was later publicized. The autopsy says that Sharon called the ambulance at least five hours after Simon died. She admitted being in the same room with him during all that time. Still, no one asked any questions. No one investigated. No one cared.
Jacked from The Examiner


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I always believed sharon was the one. Both Britany and her hubby lived with that monster. She could've offed them with no problem. I think he was having an affair with mom....they killed Brit and then Mom killed his ass so she could get everything.. After Brit's death....hubby and mom were seen arguing over money and then he was 6ft under. Really sad.

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Quick! One of you real nosey motherfuckers with nothing to do, research the husbands voicemail. I want to know what was said, but I got real shit to do!

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