Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Iggy Azealea Cops a Divatude

Iggy Azealea cops a divatude on the set of MTV's House of Style.

A production source tells THR the MTV show's host kept her sunglasses (and a scowl) on her face during a recent shoot, while featured guest Jennifer Lopez "was all smiles"
Iggy Azalea is hosting the new incarnation of MTV's resuscitated House of Style, on which Jennifer Lopez will appear on one episode in Versace's Beverly Hills store discussing all things fashion. But you might be surprised to learn who the bigger diva was, according to an observer who was on set on Aug. 9.
"Iggy walked in with her entourage and wouldn't take her sunglasses off the whole time we were in the store shooting her," a production source tells THR. "She had a complete scowl the whole time and never cracked a smile — unless the cameras were on. And the minute they stopped, it was back to scowling."
The source adds that when the shoot moved outdoors to Via Rodeo, where fans had gathered, the Aussie rapper, 24, still wouldn't flash any teeth.
Meanwhile, says the source, "J.Lo was all smiles, saying hello to everyone on the crew, shaking everyone's hand and doing everything we needed her to do."
Jacked from The Hollywood Reporter


zeeedeee said...

First the BIG head next the deflation..coming soon..but not soon enough

Anonymous said...

Her time is up anyway. She's a one hit wonder. Just like the other clown who sang thrift shop and stole all those hip hop grammy's he didn't deserve, I bet just like him this time next year no one will even remember Iggy.

Anonymous said...

Does she know how many "What ever happened to?" stories there are in Hollywood?

Um, they'll close ranks and stop work from coming her way ASAP. You never know who's watching or who pulls the purse strings. Everything could dry up just like that...Somebody better tell her.

She should read this: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2014/06/todays-blind-items-she-ticked-off-wrong.html

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