Friday, August 8, 2014

William Shatner Tweets NASA NASA Tweets Back

In an adorably geeky exchange William Shatner Tweets NASA and they Tweet back.
To fans around the world, William Shatner will always be known as the captain of the USS Enterprise, and apparently NASA is no exception.
When Mr. Shatner, an avid Twitter user, tweeted “How is @NASA doing today?” on Saturday, he couldn’t have hoped for a better reply.
"Good day, Captain. #ISS is in standard orbit and Commander Swanson has the conn." NASA responded.
“Commander Swanson” refers to Steven R. Swanson, in charge of the current crew onboard the International Space Station, which has been in orbit since May, and will remain until September, according to NASA.
This fantastically Star Trek-style response from a real-life space agency to a science-fiction icon set the Internet buzzing. Even Shatner himself seemed a little lost for words, tweeting only “Very good news!” in reply.
Jacked from Christian Science Monitor

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