Friday, September 26, 2014

Jennifer Lopez' Exes Collabing on Tell All Book

Jennifer Lopez' scorned ex husbands are banding together to write a tell-all book.

With the recent split from Casper Smart, comes word that Jennifer Lopez’s ex’s are teaming up to write a juicy tell-all about the diva.
A book deal that could fetch a whopping “$50 million,” sources tell Life & Style magazine that J. Lo’s former flames will air her dirty laundry in the new read, claiming the men are banding together and have many “secrets to spill.”
The gossip rag speculates her first husband Ojani Noa will spill how her mother uses the singer for money, while second hubby Cris Judd will expose the star’s alleged affair with Ben Affleck while filming Gigli. And last but certainly not least, Lopez’s most recent beau will reveal her supposed “diva behavior.”
The book will also allegedly divulge on the celeb’s constant dieting and wishing she was thinner, as well as dirty “bedroom secrets,” and alleged “secret religious rituals.”
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, "secret religious practices" = witch craft. And they better be careful before they come up missing.

zeeedeee said...

She's famous for blocking them ex 's from tellin it..if this one makes it I will read

Anonymous said...

old stories

Anonymous said...

Her "secret religious practice" is actually Santeria. I doubt this will see the light of day.

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