Friday, September 26, 2014

Katy Perry and Rihanna Gang Up on Taylor Swift

Katy Perry enlists Rihanna in her feud against Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift, 24, and Katy Perry, 29, are reportedly in the middle of a very public feud, and now it looks like Katy’s bringing in backup! The “Dark Horse” singer is reportedly joining forces with Rihanna, 26, to make fun of Taylor’s dance moves and more at the MTV EMAs!
After Taylor revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that her new song “Bad Blood” is about a former friend (widely believed to be Katy) who allegedly tried to sabotage her tour, Katy seemed to retaliate by tweeting: “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”
“She and her friends, including Rihanna, are planning on totally embarrassing [Taylor] at the awards in front of the world,” a source tells OceanUp. “They’ve even said they’re just going to talk all the way through her performance and make fun of her dance moves, like Rihanna did to Ariana Grande [21] at the iHeartRadio Awards.”
“And if she does try to speak to them and pretend things are OK, they’ll walk in the opposite direction, ruining any plans Taylor might have to make it look like it’s all fine,” the source adds.
Jacked from Hollywood Life


Anonymous said...

Assuming this is true, and not a story planted by Taylor's team to drum up sympathy for her, all of these bitches need to grow up and move on, especially Taylor "To Catch A Predator" Swift, with her penchant for becoming "BFFs" with younger females.

The entertainment biz is like high school, only with more money and more debauchery.

Anonymous said...

Rhianna please don't get into this mess. When it all blows over they both will turn on you.

Anonymous said...

How is Rihanna or Katy going to laugh at anyone's dancing abilities when both them hoes ain't got an ounce of rhythm in them?

All three of them are in the exact same boat because neither one of them have any real talent and all of them are overrated and over hyped! These idiots need to grow up and be grateful that their careers have lasted as long as they have, with their non singing asses!

zeeedeee said...

I don't like eithier of these no singing no dancing stars for nothing ass hoes BUT Katie is the common denominator..she's the messiest in this instance

Anonymous said...

@10:10 exactly. Just because you have light eyes, light skin, and a few coins, you will just a house monkey that buy your freedom.

signwithclass said...

10:58, well said. Rihanna is just a messy, singing cootie.

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