Monday, September 22, 2014

Jessie J and Ariana Grande Kick Nicki Minaj Off Bang Bang

Jessie J and Ariana Grande remove Nicki Minaj's rap verse from their smash hit single Bang Bang.
This is kind of shady. Jessie J and Ariana Grande have released a rap-free version of (late-)summer smash “Bang Bang”. That, dear friends, means that Nicki Minaj‘s cute verse is no longer with us. It’s not that uncommon for a featured artist to be removed for a remix but the whole appeal of the song is that it brought together three very different divas.
What we’re left with is a migraine-inducing scream-off between the British comeback queen and mini Mariah. Jessie’s powerful pipes win that battle (easily) but Nicki’s absence is palpable. Hopefully, this isn’t an official release and never finds its way to iTunes or the Barbz will revolt. On the bright side, this version gives you a whole new appreciation for the original.
Jacked from Idolator


Anonymous said...

Big mistake, Nicki was the only enjoyable part of that song. All that screaming and yodeling Jessie and Ariana does gets on my damn nerves. The rap verse was needed because it provided a break between all that noise.

Anonymous said...

Jasmine Sullivan would have sounded better singing this song.

Anonymous said...

Nicki, it's okay because Arianna won't have a career come this time next year . Damn, shame this big head twat ain't been in the game a whole 5 minutes and she trying to boss up on folks. Tell her fans to die, mushing folks out the way and etc. Even Beyonce waited 10 year before tell folks to bow down bitches. IJS.

zeeedeee said...

If anybody should have been cut it should have been Ariana..Jessie J and Nicki could have easily rocked that alone

Anonymous said...

That pic looks like the cover on a porno dvd.


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