Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kendall Jenner Blasted as Too Fat for Runway

Australian tabloid reports Kendall Jenner has been told she's too fat for the runway.
Though Kendall Jenner has been taking over the runway from New York to Milan, Famousmagazine has decided that the 18-year-old is "too fat for runway" and claims she was ordered to "lose 8KGs" (about 17 pounds).
Even worse, it appears the Australian tabloid went so far as to Photoshop cellulite on the back of Kendall's legs for the cover, which clearly wasn't there when she walked the Tommy Hilfiger runway on September 8.
Jacked from Yahoo


Anonymous said...

She ain't got the face for it, that's the problem. She looks like Rob K. in that picture

zeeedeee said...

^^^she does look like her brother

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